Today was lovely chilled out day. I hadn’t become massively pissed after the recording so had a clear head when I woke up at 8am to the sounds of birds twittering on my roof. 

After a nice breakfast, I sat down to edit the poddy. Now many people refrain from editing their podcasts, as they want that ‘as live’ feel. However ours is a drinking podcast, so quite often a tweak is required here and there to remove any long tracts of slurred rambling (usually from me) and anything that would be unfair to another person. Other than those who set themselves up in the public eye to be mocked of course. 

It was all rather easy this time. Sometimes a glitch in the recording process can mean many hours of correcting crackles and pops, however since we have stopped using a laptop to record it and switched to a pro field recorder all that drudgery has gone away. Huzzah! 

Christ! This has to be the most boring Blog entry ever. Sorry I’m a bit tired so I’ll end this durge here.

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