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The Victorians were a fascinating people and their capacity for creating new inventions seemed endless. Yesterday I took a trip to the patent office and had a look at what dead people made. These are what they maids:

  • The horse whisk.
  • Crab shorts.
  • A pretty gun.
  • The corpse trembler.
  • Stovepipe clogs.
  • A Gladstone stone.
  • French wands.
  • The carpet meter.
  • Ghost powered time goggles.
  • Maggot valves.
  • The hideous cab.
  • Spaghetti gloves.
  • Pox brushes.
  • Electric zap tubes.
  • The safety bullet.
  • A whambambulator.
  • Beef tweed.


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Another List – Victoriananana
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