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BRAINJAMLOGOyellowBrainjam is a new comedy sketch show. You want more? OK, it’s a new comedy sketch show with comedy sketches. Oh and it is British and there are words in it. The sort of words that you will hear in it sound like ‘flange’. The word flange may not appear in the podcast though, so don’t be disappointed if you don’t hear it.






Welcome to the world of actors: Barrington Dab and Jamie Tench, who in their own words are “the finest actors in all of England.” Which is a bold statement considering that Tench spends most of his time playing bad villains in straight to video movies. Dab however hate’s the movie business and prefers to strip naked and pleasure himself into the faces of his audience, for what he calls “the art of it”







Martin Wolfenden & Tom Stringfellow  hit the bottle to bring you a whole new podcast. The concept is simple: two men have a pleasant drinking session down the pub and when they are completely pissed they record a conversation. It does exactly what it doesn’t say on a none existent tin.






newbigSadly The Gentleman’s Review is no longer running, however the link will take you to the Internet Archive page where it will live for  eternity or until electricity is replaced with magic power dust.

“The Gentleman’s Review is a fortnightly podcast featuring Martin Wolfenden, Andrew Wilson, Tom Stringfellow and the irrepressible Lisa Goddard. It consists of lies, tall stories and a strange beery smell that simply won’t go away. We’ve tried rubbing the podcast with Detol but that just made everybody sound French and Tom’s genitals exploded.”

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