Lucky lucky lucky!


Today ended really nicely.

I got a free bus ride home because the drivers ticket machine broke down. Then I got home and found a reply to an email I sent to a hero of mine and was jolly chuffed.

Howevr after that it went downhill when I was probed by aliens and found unsafe for space travel. Frankly I was extremely put out; there was no earl grey on the ship and the biscuits they supplied were rich tea.



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Back in the early days of this Century, I made some money by saying the odd funny thing in public. On one of these occasions a fellow funny talker told me that I should write a blog (because that was the sort of thing funny talking people did back then.) Now, I’m not the sort of person who does things the easy way, so I rejected all the ready made blogging platforms and started my own website. Since then it’s become a repository for whatever stuff is bubbling out of my brains and a directory of various podcasts and videos that I’ve made with my friends and is completely unnecessary.

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