Last night I popped to the pictures to see Wolverine and was most pleased.

Then I wasn’t expecting a great deal, as I thought it would be like the first three X-Men films were shit.  Though both Ian McKellen and Hugh Jackman were likeable in their roles but he rest of the characters were rather dull. Most of the time I was hoping that the camp as knickers Magneto would win, just to shut up the whinging Cyclops and his twelve year old posse. Poor Patrick Stewart was sidelined as the ineffective Professor Xavier, whose talents included: trundling around in a wheelchair (which had been pimped by an Essex boy) and chatting to people with his brain.

Now Wolverine is a different kettle of halibut. You have a likeable central character to focus on and a couple of decent baddies to hate, which makes all the difference. I’m not going to say anymore as I don’t want to ram a spoiler up your ass.

Crikey! Is that the time? Must fly.


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