Just a quick blog to wish all the readers of this blog and kind people who listened to The Gentleman’s Review podcast, a Merry Christmas. Your patronage is very much appreciated especially as we’re not big or famous.

I’m writing this on my laptop as my porridge and honey is zooming around in the microwave. Then I’m off to my Mum’s to give presents and have a lovely Christmas nosh up. It’s still a winter wonderland out there which makes the little boy in me jump for joy. Now, stop being smutty, I know what you thought there.

It is also the penultimate of David Tennant’s stories in Doctor Who at 6pm. I must admit to be bracing myself for the worse. It would be unforgivable if Russell T Davies fucked up the final two stories of one of the most popular Doctors ever. I’ve loved this Doctor, as I loved Tom Baker’s and Peter Davison’s before which is a very special thing. Let us hope that he’s given a good send off.

Love you all, see you at new year.

Merry Christmas!
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