Hurray it’s Januaray!

OK I’ll never make a poet but I do like January. Yes it’s cold and I spend a fortune on gas but it marks the beginning of a year of cool stuff, which makes it all worthwhile.

The most exciting thing this year is a new series of Doctor Who: 13 fresh and bouncy episodes with a shiny new Doctor, companion and a whole host of new monsters. We had something of a drought last year with the production team taking a short holiday and the episodes we did get were somewhat hit and miss. The final episode for the most part was fantastic with the return of the Time Lords, The Master going barmy and  Rassilon’s big hand. However RTD couldn’t stop there, no he couldn’t leave it alone. What followed was a sequence in which the Doctor farted away his remaining few minutes looking up former companions. Most of whom we as an audience couldn’t care less about., it was a blessed relief when we got to the regeneration sequence itself which thankfully was brilliantly done and I was wracked with sobbs, right up to the point that Matt Smith kissed his left knee. After that I was grinning like a mad fool.

Then the trailer! The lovely bloody trailer! I nearly wet myself! If you’ve not seen it, here it is:

The sonic screwdriver blew up! Hurray! No more lazy writing. Let us also hope that they blew up the console room during the regeneration sequence so they can build us a brand new one. It always seemed strange that they chose to go for a design which accentuated the Doctors alien background, when he himself is a fan of Earth and chooses to appear human in every way.

Ahem, sorry, speculation is the disease of the Doctor Who fan.

So what else is there to look forward to in 2010?

Birthdays for a start! Yes I love birthdays, it gives me a cast iron excuse to get plastered with my lovely chums. Not that I need an excuse but it’s a good way of pulling everyone together.

Not forgetting holidays. Sadly I earn so little I can’t afford to go anywhere but I do occasionally spend a week lying on my sofa, wanking.

What else, what else?


Oh! There’s the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. That is always fun, apart from when it’s not.

So that’s it: Doctor Who, Birthdays and the Fringe. Crikey! What a packed year of fun. Yep, that’s a whole bunch of pant wetting excitement…are you well? How are the feet?

Tea for tea.

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Martin Wolfenden

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