This morning I received a reply to my Email:

Dear MR Wolsenden,

We are sorry but it appears that you were added to the incorrect mailing list – please accept our apologies.

On this occasion we will be unable to supply you with our Premium Plus package as this is reserved for VIP clients only. Though we are able to offer you our Call Express plan which will allow you to make inexpensive calls to Europe and the USA.

We have attached details of this plan to this message.

Thank you for your interest in [company name deleted].

Allen Grant
Marketing and Communications Manager

That’s me told.

However while I’m here I need to get you to do something for me:

Pop over to here and buy the last few tickets for a day of comedy unlike any other. It is called ‘All Day Edinburgh’ and features some of the very best talent from this year’s Edinburgh Fringe Festival with all profits go to Shelter the charity for the homeless.

For more information go here.

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