So the backlash has begun and Susan Boyle once the nation’s darling has found herself the nation’s new Alistair Darling. 

She sang like an angel at the auditions and like a broken dishwasher during the live studio show. Then I suppose it’s understandable. There’s a world of difference between turning up to a theatre to do an audition with nothing to loose but your dignity and having to stand in front of a studio audience, cameras and other gubbins which make up a television studio with the expectations of the world on your shoulders. Nerves got to her and that’s the end of it.  Let’s face it if she was able to be consistent then she would have had a career many years ago and it’s not the first time she’s done television; she appeared once before on a local television show. She sang very well, so why didn’t she get any offers from that gig?  

What I say next is pure speculation but I reckon that she got loads of offers but crumbled like a week old turd when she was put under pressure. That’s a tabloid fact ladies and gentlemen. 

Oh the fickle finger of fame. 

Random veg and meat for tea…yes these entries are getting shorter, I’m very busy and important.

Boyle Oh Boyle
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